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How do we work

If you want to start learning any foreign language, which is represented at our school Ninnel (French, Russian, Spanish, German or others), you should register on our site, and fill in the form. After that some of our professional private tutors will offer you their services. And with one of them you will start to improve your colloquial skills.

Advantages of studying foreign languages by Skype

Individual approach

Our consultants will help to find the best suitable tutor for your needs. So you can study a language in an informal and easy atmosphere. There is no doubt if you are just a beginner you will require a private tutor which speaks your language.

Free schedule

Learning foreign languages by Skype in Ninnel, you have a possibility to order the lessons at any convenient time for you. Simply speaking you have flexible hours for learning. You can order regular lessons and pay for them or learn with different frequency. By the way, you will pay only for the lessons You have already got! After the free lesson you can order any number of lessons, beginning with one.

Professional personal tutors

We guarantee that all our teachers at Ninnel have the highest pedagogical education! The learning of language is based on informal speech. This way of learning contributes quickly to cultural exchange between you and your private tutor and provides you with native speaker experience. It enables you to study quickly and achieve better results. We have a free trial lesson available, and you can sign up for it by filling the form on our website

Our prices

The price for one lesson of a foreign language during 50 minutes is $20 for beginner, $24 for intermediate and $28 for advanced level. For our long term courses we have 5% discount available.
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Payment for classes is made by VISA, MasterCard, Moneybookers, PayPal, WesternUnion or Contact money transfer system. Please, contact our consultants for payment, they will help you to choose the most suitable way of payment. Additional information about these ways of payment will help you to choose the best way of payment for classes

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