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Learning Languages on Skype

Free trial lesson

During a free trial lesson, a tutor can estimate your knowledge and the level of language. You have to decide to stay to learn language with this tutor or to ask for another trial lesson for free to find another tutor.

You can pay for 1 lesson

However, if you pay for more lessons at once you are given 10 % discount. It is economical not only for your budget but it saves your time. You should pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paxum, Western Union.

Money back

You can suspend your lessons whenever you want. Your money is left on your account until you are ready to use it again. If you want to stop your education, we will return all your money.

Foreign Languages on Skype

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It is very convenient to be with us

How to order trial lesson

You need only your own desire to order free trial lesson. You should register on our site and fill in the form. You can tell us about the purpose to study language and even choose some tutors for yourself. Our assistant will call you and give you all details about our tutors, terms and conditions. You should choose one of tutor, day and time of a trial lesson, which is suitable for you.

What you need further

After a successful trial lesson, you have to choose the way of payment for education, which is available for you. Our assistant helps you to pay for lessons and makes instructions how to use your private room. You should pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Western Union or Bank transactions. All your money is transferred on your account. It saves your time. Pay by VISA Pay by MasterCard Pay by Bitcoin Pay by Ethereum Pay by Skrill Pay by PayPal Pay by Western Union

How are classes on Skype

Learning languages on Skype is just the same as if you have lessons in real life. You should find out the purpose of learning languages in case you need to know the use you have for that language. It can be foreign language for travelling, business or preparing for the exams. Your tutor sends all audio, video material for your lessons electronically by skype or emails. If you do this on line you save money by not having to buy books or CDs for your lessons.

You can get the first result in a week

Is it possible to get the first result in a week? Yes it is!!! It is possible to get even a good result in a short period. These are some examples.
1. You are getting ready to pass international language exams, for example DELF. Of course, you know your language well but worrying about the format and the system of testing. Intensified course with your tutor even a week gives you a progress. Now you feel yourself confident to know more about exams.
2. You are going to Russia for travelling and would like to speak Russian to native people. Only 2 hour everyday lessons give you the opportunity to use basic phrases to speak to native speakers in Russia.

You can achieve fundamental knowledge learning language for a long period with our school.


  • "I would highly recommend online school Ninnel as an ideal alternative to the classroom format. It offers tremendous convenience and flexibility. The stuff and teachers are very punctual. All lessons are on time even if you canít come the assistant helps you to arrange everything. Another schools donít offer flexible time table and itís difficult to prove if there is a lesson or not."
    Elina, US, Florida
  • "Iím very happy to learn Russian on Skype. My tutor Mrs. Helen is very experienced teacher. I need Russian for Business to talk to my partners. I spoke Russian when I was in Moscow last time. Now Iíd like to repeat and have good practice. My tutor does all her best to explain me all about Russian language. Iím looking forward to meeting my partners next month."
    Mr. John White, 42, UK, Norwich
  • "Learning languages on Skype gives me freedom. I can stay at home and learn English with my tutor. Ninnel has a lot of very experienced tutors. Iím from Spain but I study English with a tutor from Ninnel. She is a very nice teacher. She is Russian origin but lives in Spain and knows both languages very well. Now I can speak, write and read English well."
    Maria, Spain, 37 years old
  • "My nameís Jim! Iím from the USA. 2 years ago I met my girlfriend from Russia. We started to talk to Skype. First we decided to speak English. Her level was very low and I saw how she suffered from her English. I loved my girlfriend and didnít want to lose her. Iíve found online school Ninnel. My tutor was wonderful. She could speak English and Russian. She started to teach me. Now I can tell my girlfriend ďYa tebja lubljuĒ in Russian."
    Jim, 24, US, Indiana

Our customers trust us

1. We have been working for 6 years in online education market. We are one of the first online school in US. We work with our customers in person and try to solve their problems in learning languages as soon as possible. Itís very important for us. New customers usually come to us according to their friends advice who studied with Ninnel.
2. We have more than 5000 students in our online school Ninnel. We are proud of our students. Some of them passed successfully TORFL, DELF, DALF, IELTS, TestDaf, Goethe-Institut exams. Other students got good knowledge of languages which helped them to find a job and to go to live abroad where they didnít feel themselves isolated. Many students came to us to learn languages to feel themselves confident.
3. All our students are united by school Ninnel which gives them excellent language knowledge. We are among the tenth best learning languages on Skype schools according to the online resources.
Our online school Ninnel is an excellent choice for you to learn languages on Skype!

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