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23 November, 2017

My name is Joseph, I’m originally from Germany but now I live in the USA, so I have to improve my English. I’ve been studying English with Katya for 3 months and I feel more comfortable and easier to talk at any situation- at work, with my American friends etc. I would recommend your school, thank you.


12 October, 2017

I decided to choose this school because I have a little kid and no free time to get to the other part of a town, where my tutor works. Studying at Ninnel, I can plan my day and my schedule and the price is a very suitable. There is absolutely no difference between online and ‘offline’ education, but the result is much better than I could suppose.


14 September, 2017

Hi, guys. I want to say to everyone, who is going to study German- take classes with Marina, don’t miss a chance. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever known.


06 September, 2017

My name is Thomas. Last summer I visited Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and I fell in love with Russia and also I met my Russian bride, but I knew only a few Russian words and her English was poor and we had some troubles with communication. My friend told me about online education and I found Ninnel school, I was surprised when I was told that I could have classes with a native Russian tutor who knew English as well. Now we both-me and my wife Lena are having classes here, because when honey moon is over, you need to understand each other somehow :))) Thanks, Ninnel)))


22 August, 2017

I want to say “спасибо” to my teacher Zemfira and to all Ninnel school, where I study Russian. The language doesn’t seem to be difficult anymore and Zemfira tells me much about Russian traditions and culture

Herr Schmidt

15 June, 2017

Привет. Я учу русский язык с Марина. Она серьезный и интересный учитель. Я говорю по русски. Хочу рекомендовать всем.


29 April, 2017

I appreciate so much that I can take classes late in the evening and my tutor sends me all the me all the material for free. Very convenient.


07 March, 2017

My main goal was to start speaking in Russian, so I did it and Ninnel school helped me a lot. But I still keep on moving and have classes to improve my knowledge.


25 February, 2017

Hi there. I want to thank Ninnel school for an interesting classes. I used to have lessons with another teacher, not online, and it was so bored, that I started hating all the education… And now everything is fine, we often watch video, talk about interesting topics, thanks to my teacher Elena.


17 February, 2017

I’m planning to open my business in Moscow, Russia and I study Russian at Ninnel. My tutor tells me much about Russia and Russian people, that helps me to understand how to cooperate with my team the better way.


25 January, 2017

I’ve been studying Russian for half a year myself and I thought it was the most crazy thing and the most crazy language…Last Friday I visited a free trial lesson by skype with a professional native tutor from Russia and I understood what a crazy person I had been before. Everything was very understandable and she gave me a lot of information. I’ll continue my education. The administrator was very polite and helped me with payment.


10 November, 2016

Добрый день. Я живу в Америке, дочке 7 лет. Муж американец, общаемся дома чаще на английском, ребенок по-русски не говорит, хотя понимает русскую речь (я стараюсь с ней общаться только на русском). Я обратилась в школу, чтобы мне подобрали преподавателя по скайпу для ребенка, так как найти его тут практически нереально, да и цены очень высокие. Мне предложили 2 пробных бесплатных урока, я выбрала Катю. Уже заметны первые результаты, дочка начала строить простые предложения, пока иногда в речь вставляет и английские слова, но преподаватель сказала, что будем работать над этим. Здорово, что есть возможность заниматься по скайпу в Вашей школе и по любым вопросам всегда подсказываете. Буду рекомендовать вас.


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