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Joseph 23 November, 2017
My name is Joseph, IТm originally from Germany but now I live in the USA, so I have to improve my English. IТve been studying English with Katya for 3 months and I feel more comfortable and easier to talk at any situation- at work, with my American friends etc. I would recommend your school, thank you.
Sarah 12 October, 2017
I decided to choose this school because I have a little kid and no free time to get to the other part of a town, where my tutor works. Studying at Ninnel, I can plan my day and my schedule and the price is a very suitable. There is absolutely no difference between online and СofflineТ education, but the result is much better than I could suppose.
Bill 14 September, 2017
Hi, guys. I want to say to everyone, who is going to study German- take classes with Marina, donТt miss a chance. SheТs the best teacher IТve ever known.
Thomas 06 September, 2017
My name is Thomas. Last summer I visited Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and I fell in love with Russia and also I met my Russian bride, but I knew only a few Russian words and her English was poor and we had some troubles with communication. My friend told me about online education and I found Ninnel school, I was surprised when I was told that I could have classes with a native Russian tutor who knew English as well. Now we both-me and my wife Lena are having classes here, because when honey moon is over, you need to understand each other somehow :))) Thanks, Ninnel)))
Mia 22 August, 2017
I want to say УспасибоФ to my teacher Zemfira and to all Ninnel school, where I study Russian. The language doesnТt seem to be difficult anymore and Zemfira tells me much about Russian traditions and culture
Herr Schmidt 15 June, 2017
ѕривет. я учу русский €зык с ћарина. ќна серьезный и интересный учитель. я говорю по русски. ’очу рекомендовать всем.
Brianna 29 April, 2017
I appreciate so much that I can take classes late in the evening and my tutor sends me all the me all the material for free. Very convenient.
Emma 07 March, 2017
My main goal was to start speaking in Russian, so I did it and Ninnel school helped me a lot. But I still keep on moving and have classes to improve my knowledge.
Jackson 25 February, 2017
Hi there. I want to thank Ninnel school for an interesting classes. I used to have lessons with another teacher, not online, and it was so bored, that I started hating all the educationЕ And now everything is fine, we often watch video, talk about interesting topics, thanks to my teacher Elena.
Evan 17 February, 2017
IТm planning to open my business in Moscow, Russia and I study Russian at Ninnel. My tutor tells me much about Russia and Russian people, that helps me to understand how to cooperate with my team the better way.
Rachel 25 January, 2017
IТve been studying Russian for half a year myself and I thought it was the most crazy thing and the most crazy languageЕLast Friday I visited a free trial lesson by skype with a professional native tutor from Russia and I understood what a crazy person I had been before. Everything was very understandable and she gave me a lot of information. IТll continue my education. The administrator was very polite and helped me with payment.
Evgeniya 10 November, 2016
ƒобрый день. я живу в јмерике, дочке 7 лет. ћуж американец, общаемс€ дома чаще на английском, ребенок по-русски не говорит, хот€ понимает русскую речь (€ стараюсь с ней общатьс€ только на русском). я обратилась в школу, чтобы мне подобрали преподавател€ по скайпу дл€ ребенка, так как найти его тут практически нереально, да и цены очень высокие. ћне предложили 2 пробных бесплатных урока, € выбрала  атю. ”же заметны первые результаты, дочка начала строить простые предложени€, пока иногда в речь вставл€ет и английские слова, но преподаватель сказала, что будем работать над этим. «дорово, что есть возможность заниматьс€ по скайпу в ¬ашей школе и по любым вопросам всегда подсказываете. Ѕуду рекомендовать вас.
Bryan 11 September, 2016
I appreciate so much your help with any question I have during my studying. IТm not a young person already, I was a bit frightened of online payments, if itТs secured or not, administrator of Ninnel school told me all the details and helped to pay classes very easy. Also I had to change my schedule , because I felt better in the morning, it wasnТt a problem at all, my teacher gave me an opportunity to have lessons at 9a.m.
Leo 03 July, 2016
Everything is fine. I like this school.
Blanca 15 April, 2016
Hi, IТm from Spain, now I live in Russia and learn Russian at Ninnel with Elena. SheТs so easy going and nice person, we talk about Russian and Spain (she lives in Spain now). I love our classes!
macwilly 20 December, 2015
я изучал немецкий с яндекс  лаудиа ћарина. я могу сказать что она очень хороша€ преподавательница. ќна знает и любит свою работу и делает ≈е с удовольствием. я ≈е рекомендую всем кто хочет немецкий учить по скайпу. ќна очень опытна€.
macwilly 20 December, 2015
я изучал немецкий с яндекс  лаудиа ћарина. я могу сказать что она очень хороша€ преподавательница. ќна знает и любит свою работу и делает ≈е с удовольствием. я ≈е рекомендую всем кто хочет немецкий учить по скайпу. ќна очень опытна€.
James 20 September, 2015
My tutorТs name is Iryna. I learn Japanese with her. Her method of teaching is very well organized. Her lessons are very interesting so the time even flies. She is not only an experienced teacher but very positive and wonderful.
Jack 02 August, 2015
Elena, I liked our lesson of Russian. —пасибо
Julia 03 July, 2015
Learning at Ninnel was a very special experience for me. All the instructors I had were professional and passionate about their teaching. What is more, course I took at Ninnel was very well structured. I feel so comfortable being at home not to go to another courses. It saves my time I do believe that my instructor helps me to prepare me so well to pass IELTS exams. I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all the instructors I had at Ninnel school.
Donna 12 May, 2015
I canТt even imagine that my lessons on Skype are very comfortable and effective. The time table is very flexible. You can cancel lesson if you donТt have enough time and not to pay for it. An assistant offers you another time which will be very convenient for you. I highly recommend you to start at online school Ninnel Ц an efficient and effective choice!
Robert 02 March, 2015
I have been taking French courses in online school Ninnel on Skype for four semesters. It has been a wonderful time to learn a second language with all those knowledgeable and kind instructors.
Emma 01 February, 2015
IТd like to tell thank you to my wonderful teacher Alyona. I take Italian course with my teacher Alyona. I was positively surprised by the wide range of material offered by my teacher. My friendly teacher creates a warm atmosphere and a great learning environment. IТm very happy IТve found this school.
Elina 20 January, 2015
I would highly recommend online school Ninnel as an ideal alternative to the classroom format. It offers tremendous convenience and flexibility. The stuff and teachers are very punctual. All lessons are on time even if you canТt come the assistant helps you to arrange everything. Another schools donТt offer flexible time table and itТs difficult to prove if there is a lesson or not
Rafael 08 January, 2015
Thanks a lot to my teacher Mrs. Iryna for teaching English. It was very difficult to find a teacher for me cos I speak only Italian. But my teacher knew both Italian and English. It was very convenient to be with my teacher on Skype. Ninnel is a great school. Rafael, Italy
Susan 17 December, 2014
Katya is my teacher of German. I like her lessons very much. She lives in Germany and I feel like speaking to native German during my lessons. Her lessons are very interesting. I enjoy my lessons.
Jim 02 December, 2014
Hi, everybody! My nameТs Jim! IТm from the USA. 2 years ago I met my girlfriend from Russia. We started to talk to Skype. First we used an online interpreter. But then we decided to speak English. Her level was very low and I saw how she suffered from her English. My mum is from Russia and we tried to speak Russian. I loved my girlfriend I didnТt want to lose her. IТve found online school Ninnel. My tutor was wonderful. She could speak English and Russian. She started to teach me. Now I can tell my girlfriend УYa tebja lubljuФ in Russian.
De heer Dennis de Zwart 22 September, 2014
Ik ben erg blij om Russisch te leren in Skype. Mijn lerares Mevrouw Helen is een zeer ervaren docente. Ik heb Russisch voor Business nodig om met mijn partners te kunnen praten. De laatste keer dat ik in Moskou was sprak ik Russisch. Nu zou ik graag alles willen herhalen om praktijk ervaring op te doen. Mijn lerares gebruikte al haar ervaring om mij een uitstekend inzicht te geven in de Russische taal. Ik kijk ernaar uit om volgende maand goed voor de dag te komen bij mijn partners.
Jina 15 August, 2014
I"ve been studying Russian for a long time, i learned Grammar, I tried to read books, but it seemed really difficult to me, before I found Ninnel school. I liked this school: i can talk to consultant by skype, i can have a free trial lesson with a professional tutor of Russian and the price is very suitable for me. Ninnel, thank you!
Kathy 17 July, 2014
We continued to be very pleased with your service and I would like to start French -- finally.
Peter 07 June, 2014
My favourite writer is Anton Pavlovich Chehov and i a have a dream to read books in Russian, and it will come true very soon. Thank you, my tutor Elena and Ninnel school.
David 24 May, 2014
My tutor Vladimir is really professional, she is very kind and tolerant, and it seems to me, that i can think and feel like Russians do, it's really amazing , i saw the result through the first month of studying.
Penelopa 12 May, 2014
Hi! My name is Penelopa, I live in Venice, Italy. I have to study Russian because of my job, I work as a guide and there are a lot of Russian tourists in Venice. I like classes at Ninnel school, I can rule my schedule, I can save money, because the lessons are very suitable by price, and the most important thing for me is that I communicate with a professional native speaking teacher Ekaterina! I really like this system.
Michael 21 April, 2014
Thank you, Ninnel school, I like my studying
Vel 12 April, 2014
Hi, my name is Vel and Im 13. I study French with Olga. Now Im one of the best students of French at my school.
Brian 08 April, 2014
Hi, everyone! My friend Jill told me about Ninnel school, so I have just registered and talked to manager Natalia via skype and we have already chosen a time for a free trial lesson of Russian language! It's really cool and they do their work the best way. I'm sure that my education is going to be successfull!
Jamie-Lynn 24 March, 2014
My name is Jamie-Lynn and I like learning Japanese with Kaori. The Japanese Language Program given to me by my teacher is very interesting. Besides all the foundation and confidence that I needed the useful grammar point we learned in class I also experienced the beautiful Japanese culture.
Mary Lee 23 March, 2014
Thank you for providing this service. It's absolutely fantastic and so very helpful!
Monique 23 March, 2014
Hello, I'm Monique and I'm a fashion model. I travel all over the world and I don't have a time to visit a tutor, and German by Skype is the best decision for me. Marina is a wonderful tutor, I see that my language is becoming fluent and i have no problems in communication with native-speaking people in Germany
Jacob 02 March, 2014
I decided to study Russian since I met Anna, my girlfriend from Moscow, because we have a lot of misunderstood even by Skype. Now I have lessons of Russian two times a week with Katya, I was taught the basics of Russian grammar, I can have a simple conversation in Russian, in spite of we had only 4 lessons! ItТs really cool, thank you, Katya.
Derek 02 February, 2014
I'm studing Russian with Ekaterina. Our lessons are really suitable for me, most of Grammar, that I was frightened off, seems to be easy and it doent't take stress at all. At the same time, the lessons are very effective. It always brings a lot of real life examples, pays attention to the pace and the words that are most often used. And if she sees that I'm tired and loaded after the working day, the Russian sense of humor amuses me. Thank you, Ekaterina!
Stephen 11 January, 2014
Las clases con Esther son excelentes. Su lengua materna es el espa?ol y con ella yo resolv? mis problemas con mi acento ingl?s.
Natalie 21 December, 2013
IТm studying at this school for a 1 year and I really like it. Elena is the best teacher, IТve ever met.
David 17 October, 2013
My Russian teacher is great. Elena - thank you!
Lina 16 September, 2013
I like to travel all over the world, and I visited Saint-Petersburg last summer. I fell in love with Russian culture and I began to study the language. What can I tell you? It was really very difficult and crazy langauge before I began to study Russian at Ninnel school. My classes are very interesting and quite simple.
Maria 13 August, 2013
Hello! IТm from Italy, Rome. Last year I was offered a job in Germany. I know English well but German language was absolutely new for me. IТve found a lot of online schools but Ninnel was one of the most interesting for me. I registered and an assistant offered a trial lesson for free. I started to study German. A tutor gave me very interesting material which helped me in learning German.
Rozita 11 June, 2013
I'm taking the classes of Russian with Anna. I tried to study Russian a few years ago and it seemed to me a really difficult language, but i think it was
Mak 01 May, 2013
I've never been thinking that the lessons via Skype could be so comfortable and productive. I have the lessons of German with Marina.It's really nice to hear and to enjoy the speech. Classes are held on a shedule that suits me. I'm happy
Sjuin 17 April, 2013
Hi! I'm from China, I'm studying Russian with Anna. I's ineteresting for me to know more about Russian culture and traditions. I know, that we have good politics relation with Russia, and I think, it's reaaly important for Chinese to study this language.
Mike 29 March, 2013
I decided to study French at this school, because I liked teacher and the first lesson was free!
Nina 29 January, 2013
Bonjour. I study French with Elena and I want to say that itТs very beautiful and romantic language. My dream is to visit Paris, and I hope that someday it will come true.
Lana 13 January, 2013
Anna, thank you for our classes or Russian. You really know how to make lesson fun and productive.
Gin 29 November, 2012
Hi, everybody! My Russian was very bad, before I began to take classes at this school. Cool and beautiful teachers of Russian are here.
H. Spencer 10 October, 2012
Hi! IТm from the UK. ItТs amazing! IТve found a very sophisticated school online Ninnel. IТve surfed the internet to look for a school to learn Japanese. I work for a Japanese company. IТd like to practice Japanese. I had a very intensified course. Last year I went to Japan for a conference. It was wonderful! I could speak to my friends very easily. Thanks a lot for my Japanese to my teacher from Ninnel. Mr. H. Spencer
Alice 13 September, 2012
My friend recommended me this school. I take lessons of German with Marina Jandeks. ItТs great! I can talk to my German-speaking friend on his native language after 6 classes already!
Mike 17 August, 2012
Thanks a million to Roumen. He taught me French for nearly three months and I really started speaking. I am soon going to France and hope I'll be able to communicate with the French without any problems.
Gabriel 08 August, 2012
I like my teacher. Russian language is difficult but very beautiful. I am really happy
Mario 28 June, 2012
My French tutor is wonderful. Thank you very much!
Piter 16 May, 2012
This is the best school where IТve tried to learn Russian.
Mark 04 May, 2012
Hola! es la primera vez que he encontrado este estilo de servicio, solicit? una clase de prueba y qued? sorprendido con el resultado. Gracias a los administradores, y a Maria Esther
David 24 April, 2012
Low-cost language school with a wonderful teacher of Russian Ц with Ekaterina! I recommend it.
John 09 April, 2012
Education by Skype is just wonderful! Elena teaches Italian even better than a usual in-home tutor.
Sampson 01 March, 2012
Ich lerne mit Marina seit einem halben Jahr Deutsch. Die Ergebnisse sind einfach fantastisch. Vielen Dank!
Sanches 14 February, 2012
Katya is a very sweet person. I very much enjoyed getting to know her and learn from her. Many thanks, Sanches
Elizaveta 04 February, 2012
I have been learning Spanish at online school on Skype Ninnel since August 2010. There are many advantages of this school. ItТs very well organized and teachers are very accessible . You can have your own time-table. IТm happy to be a student of this school.
Oleg 24 January, 2012
IТve been studying here for 2 years already. I recommend it to everybody. Ask for Daniela or Ester.
Britta 05 January, 2012
Hello Alessandro ! I like your lessons! Please give a bonus for my teacher! Thanks to your school!
Ronald van Amstel 28 December, 2011
Marina, The lesson went well. I would like to continue with Elena.
Pamela 06 December, 2011
—пасибо моему учителю Katya. я уже неплохо говорить по русски и понимать что говорить мой репетитор. Ћетом поеду в –оссию. —пасибо Katya!
David 02 December, 2011
I found the most advanced level of teaching Russian here. I take classes with 2 teachers at once!
Andrey 18 November, 2011
Thank you, Daniela, I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to being your student!
Romola 08 November, 2011
Thanks to the organizers for the excellent service. Thank you for giving me the possibility to study German at home!
Alice 28 October, 2011
It is just a great web site. IТve searched for something like this for a long time but only here I found full over the schedule and you do not have to pay spare money.
Adam 21 September, 2011
Tolle Webseite, toller Service. Ein gro?es Lob geht an das ganze Ninnel-Team und meine Deutschlehrerin Marina! Ab jetzt - Deutsch ist meine Lieblingsfremdsprache.
Kate 01 September, 2011
Daniela is wonderful!! Thank you for finding her. :)
Robert 11 May, 2011
I enjoyed my session with Roumen and we have scheduled sessions for the next 8 months.
Gleb 19 April, 2011
Hello, I enjoy your service. Tutor Marina does a great job!
John 08 February, 2011
Katya is the best tutor of German!
Kris 02 January, 2011
My new French teacher, Roumen is very good and I need my to build my vocabulary with him.
William 18 December, 2010
I am very pleased with the Russian lessons with Katya. She is very patient and helpful. I think I am hooked - I have even been studying Russian rather than cleaning and cooking and other things I ought to be doing!
Carmen 29 October, 2010
I loved my trial lesson with Liziane, and am looking forward to continuing lessons on a weekly basis.

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