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11 September, 2016

I appreciate so much your help with any question I have during my studying. I’m not a young person already, I was a bit frightened of online payments, if it’s secured or not, administrator of Ninnel school told me all the details and helped to pay classes very easy. Also I had to change my schedule , because I felt better in the morning, it wasn’t a problem at all, my teacher gave me an opportunity to have lessons at 9a.m.


03 July, 2016

Everything is fine. I like this school.


15 April, 2016

Hi, I’m from Spain, now I live in Russia and learn Russian at Ninnel with Elena. She’s so easy going and nice person, we talk about Russian and Spain (she lives in Spain now). I love our classes!


20 December, 2015

Я изучал немецкий с Яндекс Клаудиа Марина. Я могу сказать что она очень хорошая преподавательница. Она знает и любит свою работу и делает Ее с удовольствием. Я Ее рекомендую всем кто хочет немецкий учить по скайпу. Она очень опытная.


20 September, 2015

My tutor’s name is Iryna. I learn Japanese with her. Her method of teaching is very well organized. Her lessons are very interesting so the time even flies. She is not only an experienced teacher but very positive and wonderful.


02 August, 2015

Elena, I liked our lesson of Russian. Спасибо


03 July, 2015

Learning at Ninnel was a very special experience for me. All the instructors I had were professional and passionate about their teaching. What is more, course I took at Ninnel was very well structured. I feel so comfortable being at home not to go to another courses. It saves my time I do believe that my instructor helps me to prepare me so well to pass IELTS exams. I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all the instructors I had at Ninnel school.


12 May, 2015

I can’t even imagine that my lessons on Skype are very comfortable and effective. The time table is very flexible. You can cancel lesson if you don’t have enough time and not to pay for it. An assistant offers you another time which will be very convenient for you. I highly recommend you to start at online school Ninnel – an efficient and effective choice!


02 March, 2015

I have been taking French courses in online school Ninnel on Skype for four semesters. It has been a wonderful time to learn a second language with all those knowledgeable and kind instructors.


01 February, 2015

I’d like to tell thank you to my wonderful teacher Alyona. I take Italian course with my teacher Alyona. I was positively surprised by the wide range of material offered by my teacher. My friendly teacher creates a warm atmosphere and a great learning environment. I’m very happy I’ve found this school.


20 January, 2015

I would highly recommend online school Ninnel as an ideal alternative to the classroom format. It offers tremendous convenience and flexibility. The stuff and teachers are very punctual. All lessons are on time even if you can’t come the assistant helps you to arrange everything. Another schools don’t offer flexible time table and it’s difficult to prove if there is a lesson or not


08 January, 2015

Thanks a lot to my teacher Mrs. Iryna for teaching English. It was very difficult to find a teacher for me cos I speak only Italian. But my teacher knew both Italian and English. It was very convenient to be with my teacher on Skype. Ninnel is a great school. Rafael, Italy


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