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17 December, 2014

Katya is my teacher of German. I like her lessons very much. She lives in Germany and I feel like speaking to native German during my lessons. Her lessons are very interesting. I enjoy my lessons.


02 December, 2014

Hi, everybody! My name’s Jim! I’m from the USA. 2 years ago I met my girlfriend from Russia. We started to talk to Skype. First we used an online interpreter. But then we decided to speak English. Her level was very low and I saw how she suffered from her English. My mum is from Russia and we tried to speak Russian. I loved my girlfriend I didn’t want to lose her. I’ve found online school Ninnel. My tutor was wonderful. She could speak English and Russian. She started to teach me. Now I can tell my girlfriend “Ya tebja lublju” in Russian.

De heer Dennis de Zwart

22 September, 2014

Ik ben erg blij om Russisch te leren in Skype. Mijn lerares Mevrouw Helen is een zeer ervaren docente. Ik heb Russisch voor Business nodig om met mijn partners te kunnen praten. De laatste keer dat ik in Moskou was sprak ik Russisch. Nu zou ik graag alles willen herhalen om praktijk ervaring op te doen. Mijn lerares gebruikte al haar ervaring om mij een uitstekend inzicht te geven in de Russische taal. Ik kijk ernaar uit om volgende maand goed voor de dag te komen bij mijn partners.


15 August, 2014

I"ve been studying Russian for a long time, i learned Grammar, I tried to read books, but it seemed really difficult to me, before I found Ninnel school. I liked this school: i can talk to consultant by skype, i can have a free trial lesson with a professional tutor of Russian and the price is very suitable for me. Ninnel, thank you!


17 July, 2014

We continued to be very pleased with your service and I would like to start French -- finally.


07 June, 2014

My favourite writer is Anton Pavlovich Chehov and i a have a dream to read books in Russian, and it will come true very soon. Thank you, my tutor Elena and Ninnel school.


24 May, 2014

My tutor Vladimir is really professional, she is very kind and tolerant, and it seems to me, that i can think and feel like Russians do, it's really amazing , i saw the result through the first month of studying.


12 May, 2014

Hi! My name is Penelopa, I live in Venice, Italy. I have to study Russian because of my job, I work as a guide and there are a lot of Russian tourists in Venice. I like classes at Ninnel school, I can rule my schedule, I can save money, because the lessons are very suitable by price, and the most important thing for me is that I communicate with a professional native speaking teacher Ekaterina! I really like this system.


21 April, 2014

Thank you, Ninnel school, I like my studying


12 April, 2014

Hi, my name is Vel and Im 13. I study French with Olga. Now Im one of the best students of French at my school.


08 April, 2014

Hi, everyone! My friend Jill told me about Ninnel school, so I have just registered and talked to manager Natalia via skype and we have already chosen a time for a free trial lesson of Russian language! It's really cool and they do their work the best way. I'm sure that my education is going to be successfull!


24 March, 2014

My name is Jamie-Lynn and I like learning Japanese with Kaori. The Japanese Language Program given to me by my teacher is very interesting. Besides all the foundation and confidence that I needed the useful grammar point we learned in class I also experienced the beautiful Japanese culture.


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