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Звонок по РФ бесплатный


Mary Lee

23 March, 2014

Thank you for providing this service. It's absolutely fantastic and so very helpful!


23 March, 2014

Hello, I'm Monique and I'm a fashion model. I travel all over the world and I don't have a time to visit a tutor, and German by Skype is the best decision for me. Marina is a wonderful tutor, I see that my language is becoming fluent and i have no problems in communication with native-speaking people in Germany


02 March, 2014

I decided to study Russian since I met Anna, my girlfriend from Moscow, because we have a lot of misunderstood even by Skype. Now I have lessons of Russian two times a week with Katya, I was taught the basics of Russian grammar, I can have a simple conversation in Russian, in spite of we had only 4 lessons! It’s really cool, thank you, Katya.


02 February, 2014

I'm studing Russian with Ekaterina. Our lessons are really suitable for me, most of Grammar, that I was frightened off, seems to be easy and it doent't take stress at all. At the same time, the lessons are very effective. It always brings a lot of real life examples, pays attention to the pace and the words that are most often used. And if she sees that I'm tired and loaded after the working day, the Russian sense of humor amuses me. Thank you, Ekaterina!


11 January, 2014

Las clases con Esther son excelentes. Su lengua materna es el espa?ol y con ella yo resolv? mis problemas con mi acento ingl?s.


21 December, 2013

I’m studying at this school for a 1 year and I really like it. Elena is the best teacher, I’ve ever met.


17 October, 2013

My Russian teacher is great. Elena - thank you!


16 September, 2013

I like to travel all over the world, and I visited Saint-Petersburg last summer. I fell in love with Russian culture and I began to study the language. What can I tell you? It was really very difficult and crazy langauge before I began to study Russian at Ninnel school. My classes are very interesting and quite simple.


13 August, 2013

Hello! I’m from Italy, Rome. Last year I was offered a job in Germany. I know English well but German language was absolutely new for me. I’ve found a lot of online schools but Ninnel was one of the most interesting for me. I registered and an assistant offered a trial lesson for free. I started to study German. A tutor gave me very interesting material which helped me in learning German.


11 June, 2013

I'm taking the classes of Russian with Anna. I tried to study Russian a few years ago and it seemed to me a really difficult language, but i think it was


01 May, 2013

I've never been thinking that the lessons via Skype could be so comfortable and productive. I have the lessons of German with Marina.It's really nice to hear and to enjoy the speech. Classes are held on a shedule that suits me. I'm happy


17 April, 2013

Hi! I'm from China, I'm studying Russian with Anna. I's ineteresting for me to know more about Russian culture and traditions. I know, that we have good politics relation with Russia, and I think, it's reaaly important for Chinese to study this language.


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