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Learning English on Skype

About the English language

About the English language English is still the most widely spoken language in the world today. If you can speak English, you will find people in any country who can help you, and that will make traveling easier, more enjoyable, and more memorable. And, from commerce to medicine to aviation, English is the "language of business". So, understanding English is not just helpful for travel. English is good for your career!
Our teachers not only understand their language, they love it, and they can not wait to help students like you who want to learn English! Dont wait another minute!

Free trial lesson

During a free trial lesson, a tutor can estimate your knowledge and the level of English language. You have to decide to stay to learn language with this tutor or to ask for another trial lesson for free to find another tutor.

You can pay for 1 lesson

However, if you pay for more English lessons at once you are given 5% discount. It is economical not only for your budget but it saves your time. You should pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paxum, Western Union.

Money back

You can suspend your lessons whenever you want. Your money is left on your account until you are ready to use it again. If you want to stop your education, we will return all your money.

How to learn English on Skype

How to learn English through Skype Learning English by Skype is just like learning with a teacher in a classroom or in your home except for that communication takes place with the help of the Internet. You will hear and see your teacher just like you would in a classroom or in your home, but communication will be via Skype. Your Internet does need to be reliable, and it needs to be relatively fast. A headset is always a good idea, but one will be especially important for good sound quality if you will use a laptop for your lessons.
Why learn English by Skype Because you work one-on-one with our English teachers, the focus of your lessons can be adjusted to suit your learning objectives. Whether you want to focus on speaking English or on preparing for an exam, lessons can be adjusted according to what you think is important. You will be sent all the necessary learning materials, including any readings or exercises and any audio or video files. You can even purchase a paper copy of a book or manual if you prefer or if you think that it will make learning the material and doing homework easier for you.


  • "Learning languages on Skype gives me freedom. I can stay at home and learn English with my tutor. Ninnel has a lot of very experienced tutors. Im from Spain but I study English with a tutor from Ninnel. She is a very nice teacher. She is Russian origin but lives in Spain and knows both languages very well. Now I can speak, write and read English well."
    Maria, Spain, 37 years old
  • "Its strange but Russian tutors are the best. I was born in Japan but my mother is from Russia and she taught me Russian language. I work for British company and I need English. I was very happy to start to study English with Ninnel. I t was a good practice in Russian and English."
    Mayomi Kimura, Japan
  • "Learning at Ninnel was a very special experience for me. All the instructors I had were professional and passionate about their teaching. What is more, course I took at Ninnel was very well structured. I feel so comfortable being at home not to go to another courses. It saves my time I do believe that my instructor helps me to prepare me so well to pass IELTS exams. I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all the instructors I had at Ninnel."
    Julia, Russia

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Getting Started

Getting Started So, how do you get started? The first step to learning English on Skype is to register. After you are registered, a consultant will contact you to arrange for a free trial lesson with one of our English teachers. The trial lesson is a chance for the teacher to find out what your learning objectives are, to assess your level of English, and to discuss with you a plan for achieving your objectives. A trial lesson is also a chance for you to establish the good, personal contact with a teacher that you will need to be a successful student and to enjoy learning English. After your trial lesson, you will need to pay for classes before you start your regular lessons.

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