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Learning Japanese on Skype

About the Japanese language

About the Japanese language Japanese on Skype - is the modern method of learning! Japanese is the official language of Japan. Japan is the country with the most homogeneous ethnic group in the world. In fact this language speaks all 125 million of the Japanese, including those who live in Hawaii, in the USA and other countries. Moreover it is used as the second language by the inhabitants of China and Korea. Japanese is the difficult language. However it is called-for in the well developed countries. Thatís why Japanese helps to reach the possibility of advancement and growth at work in different big international companies. The individual course of Japanese with a private tutor let you learn the language quickly and effectively, saving your money and time.

Free trial lesson

During a free trial lesson, a tutor can estimate your knowledge and the level of Japanese language. You have to decide to stay to learn language with this tutor or to ask for another trial lesson for free to find another tutor.

You can pay for 1 lesson

However, if you pay for more Japanese lessons at once you are given 5% discount. It is economical not only for your budget but it saves your time. You should pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paxum, Western Union.

Money back

You can suspend your lessons whenever you want. Your money is left on your account until you are ready to use it again. If you want to stop your education, we will return all your money.

How to learn Japanese on Skype

How to learn Japanese through Skype Learning Japanese by Skype with a private tutor is the modern and very comfortable way of distant learning of language, which has all unquestionable advantages over the traditional methods of study of foreign languages. Learning with our private tutors by Skype, you have a possibility to determine the schedule of lessons, get the individual approach from the professional private tutors and learn a foreign language at every place which is comfortable for you and where the access to Internet is!
Why learn Japanese by Skype During the first free lesson, a private tutor examines the level of your knowledge of the informal language, finds out goals and possibilities of learning. After that you can decide how often you will take the lessons. It can be intensive course of Japanese, if you are going to take a trip to Japan. Or it can be a long course of informal Japanese by Skype, which raises the common level of knowledge.


  • "My tutorís name is Iryna. I learn Japanese with her. Her method of teaching is very well organized. Her lessons are very interesting so the time even flies. She is not only an experienced teacher but very positive and wonderful."
    James, New Orleans
  • "My name is Jamie-Lynn and I like learning Japanese with Kaori. The Japanese Language Program given to me by my teacher is very interesting. Besides all the foundation and confidence that I needed the useful grammar point we learned in class I also experienced the beautiful Japanese culture."
    Jamie-Lynn, Boston

Japanese tutors

Getting Started

Getting Started During the first, free trial lesson, one of our professional Italian tutors will learn from you what your objectives are, assess your level of Japanese, and then discuss with you a plan for achieving your objectives. Then, you just have to decide how often you will take lessons. Getting you started learning Japanese is quick and easy! And, whether you want to study Japan intensively for business or for travel or you just want to gradually learn the language, you can be sure that our Japanese teachers can help you!

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