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Звонок по РФ бесплатный

The foreign languages, which are represented in our school

Foreign language by Skype
A foreign language on Skype in Ninnel is the possibility to learn a language quickly and effectively. You get full language knowledge with a comfortable pace of lessons for you.
Russian by Skype Russian on Skype
Russian is one of the most popular languages in Europe, not only from geographical point of view, but also by the number of native speakers. The knowledge of this language will help you to speak freely and understand the inhabitants of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other different countries. See more information of learning Russian on Skype
French by Skype French on Skype
Learning French You are absorbed in the world of fashion, gastronomy, art, architecture and science. Knowing French you will feel comfortably not only in France but also in Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Monaco or Seychelles. See more information of learning French on Skype
Spanish by Skype Spanish on Skype
Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. More than 500 million people speak Spanish. It is more popular in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, the USA and many other South American countries. Spanish is considered the simplest language for learning. See more information of learning Spanish on Skype
German by Skype German on Skype
In Europe German is one of the most popular languages. More than 100 million of Europeans speak German. Speaking German you will be understood in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Sweden, Luxemburg and even Eastern France, Eastern Belgium and Northern Italy. See more information of learning German on Skype
Italian by Skype Italian on Skype
Italian is the language of art and music, movie and design. People speak Italian in different countries of the world. In Switzerland Italian is one of the official languages. It is also popular in Croatia and Slovenia, at the islands of Malta and Corsica, in the USA and Argentina. The courses of Italian language in our school let you absorb in the culture of Italy and its reach traditions. See more information of learning Italian on Skype
Japanese by Skype Japanese on Skype
Japanese is the official language of Japan. Japan is the country with the most homogeneous ethnic group in the world. In fact this language speaks all 125 million of the Japanese, including those who live in Hawaii, in the USA and other countries. See more information of learning Japanese on Skype
English by Skype English on Skype
English is the most popular language in the world! The knowledge of English is the additional opportunity to prove yourself to be a good worker or feel during the trip comfortably and freely. See more information of learning English on Skype


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